Welcome to the GDS TechTips educational technology blog. Keeping in mind the Georgetown Day School mission and the school’s identity as a progressive educational institution (read this essay by Alfie Kohn from Independent School Magazine), our goal is to ensure that faculty and staff members have access to the significant links and technology tutorials, making them as close as a computer and smartphone. Collaboration is one of the hallmarks of progressive education, and collaboration along with student active learning requires easy access to resources, no matter where one happens to be when assistance is required.

While we developed this blog after a generous donation of iPads to the school, we plan to include a wide range other topics.

To get started the blog features digital resources that support e-mail, Promethean boards, iPads, FAWeb, TEDTalks, and a few others. We expect the topics and content to expand quickly.

You are welcome to interact with this GDS TechTips in a number of ways.

  1. You can read it any time.
  2. You can read and then leave a comment if you choose.
  3. You can make suggestions and ask us to add content.
  4. You can subscribe at any time and receive notification whenever we add a new post to the blog — subscribing can be done right from the main page of GDS Techtips
  5. You can also join and become a contributor to the blog — this means adding your own posts and documents — but check with the editors for help setting up your contributor status.

A blog is dynamic — always a work in progress –so we will continue to add content, links, documents, and pictures as well as welcome your content ideas and suggestions. We can also post links, pictures, documents and even other blogs.

To learn more you may enjoy reading What Exactly is a Blog, Anyway? at the PBS LearningNow site. More blog information links are listed in the left hand column of GDSTechTips.

If you need information on a particular topic, GDS Tech Tips will be easy to search. Each time we post information we will attach tags — words to help users search, as well as general categories so GDS readers. The search box is prominently featured at the top right.

If you have questions, please be in touch with Marti (mweston@gds.org).



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