Tips to Improve Typing on an iPad

In you need to do serious typing with your iPad, check out these tips over at the OS-X Daily blog.  The March 31 post offers six ideas including using the split keyboard, learning how to dictate, or use bluetooth connections.

Recently I purchased the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit for $29.  These two little connectors allow an iPad user to connect a USB device or an SD card.

I can connect just about any keyboard, set up the iPad, on my desk or table, and write away.

Inquiry from a couple of my digitally native fifth graders…“Why do you need a keyboard?”


Projecting Your iPad

The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog has discovered and posted a YouTube video that explains how to project an iPad. The video also has pictures of the required cables and explains some of the issues that require troubleshooting.

A big thanks to this blog for identifying a resource with useful tips that can help our teachers as they begin using iPads in the classroom.   uploaded the video to YouTube by  on May 4, 2011.

Check Out the iPad Apps in Education Blog

The iPad Apps in Education blog is a great discovery. On the first page at the top is a band with app recommendation links — divided by subject and other categories. The lists are comprehensive. Blogger Greg Swanson includes all sorts of information including reviews of iPad accessories.  He also has a post on video mirroring.

This is definitely a blog to watch as the school moves into a period of teaching and learning with iPads.