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3 Responses

  1. I’m using the wonderful Art Appreciation App to show my students painting techniques used by various masters. I download the genre that apply’s to their work and I am able to really blow up the selection to discuss in detail the strokes, color and application of paint. This fall I used one outside to show the master’s work while the students were learning landscape painting. (3G helps!) . I also use it to show them my work as it progresses.

  2. I have been using the Khan Academy website for about a month now and it is a fabulous resource!! I use it when I am tutoring students and they seem to really enjoy it. The videos move at a reasonable pace and can be paused at any time during the lesson for further explanation or discussion. I have found this useful when I want students to practice solving math problems or balance equations and then check their work with the video explanation. I would highly recommend checking this website out! You will love it!

  3. Custom ipad forms

    Does anyone know a good ipad app that allows you to create custom forms and reporting on the ipad?

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