21st Century Learning: An Outline for Success

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Educators who seek to broaden their 21st Century skill set often wish for a roadmap to guide them through the professional growth maze of the connected world.

Check out Back-to-School Quiz: Skills Every 21st-Century Teacher Should Know by Susan Lucille Davis (@SuluDavis) at the Getting Smart blog. Quiz-takers will get a clear  sense of where they are located on the connected learning continuum and what personal learning needs to take place.

Today’s students are effortlessly digital, but they often lack organizational and judgment skills to help them establish themselves as stalwart learners. On the other hand, we adults are fairly good with organization and judgment, yet most us need to strengthen the digital side of our skills and understand how to teach in a connected and information-rich world. Davis outlines learning steps, offers specific resources, and there you have it — a roadmap.

Choose one item, such as narrowing a search by date or country, a task that will make an enormous difference in the quality of student Google searches but takes moments to master. And this is only one of her suggestions. Continue reading


10 Educational Blogs Worth Following

Check out a few of the ten educational blogs reviewed at E-School News.

These blogs, and others like them provide teachers with professional development as surely as any workshop of conference. You may discover that at least a few are worth reading on a regular basis.

Most of these ten blogs are written by  seasoned writers who are also experienced educators. The MindShift blog is a part of public broadcasting’s KQED in San Francisco. Do remember, however, that this top-10 list is a sample — thousands of other well-written and topical blogs can help a teacher expand teaching and learning activities as well as learn more about 21st Century learning.

My current favorites from this list? Continue reading

GDS Summer 21st Century Skills–Professional Development

GDS 2012 Summer Professional Development

Summer Teacher Centered Workshop
Take Time to Develop a 21st Century Pedagogy
Collaborate! Connect! Inquire! Innovate!

Join your fellow Hoppers!

Two Sessions — You can participate in one or both.

  • June 18-21st (Monday – Thursday)    9:00 am-3:00pm (lunch provided)
  • August 13-16 th (Monday – Thursday)    9:00 am-3:00pm  (lunch provided)

Join with colleagues in inquiry-based, teacher driven professional development activities that focus on developing 21st Century classroom projects, incorporating new skills, and identifying fresh resources for you and your students.

Individualized sessions will help you determine what to learn, and we will help you do it. Plan new lessons or expand and re-engineer older activities.  Bring your ideas, challenges, successes and best practices to a fun, collaborative, and inspiring workshop.

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AU Professor Peter Will Present on Copyright and Fair Use

GDS alum parent and American University (AU) Law Professor, Peter Jaszi, a widely known advocate for educators’ copyright policies and fair use understanding, will present at the March 20, 2012 Technology Tuesday session from 3:30 – 5:00 at the Lower School. He will discuss copyright law, fair use policies for schools, teachers, students, and school libraries, and describe ways that teachers can make the most of fair use opportunities.

The HS faculty is invited to the Lower School campus or teachers can participate from the HS campus via Skype. (A location will be announced.)

Professor Jaszi Co-Authored this Book

For years Professor Jaszi has been active in the development of educational fair use best practices — media literacy, research libraries, and others. Read about research libraries best practices and media literacy best practices  (includes NCTE).

Read this PBS MediaShift article.  Peter Jaszi is the author of Reclaiming Fair Use, co-authored with Patricia Aufderheide. In addition to law school teaching Peter is active with the Center for Social Media at AU.

Peter has asked us to send him links to various faculty and student projects and to collect copyright/fair use questions.  He has already explored our website Media Gallery.

His current thought is to present for 30 to 35 minutes and then answer questions, and he is happy to return for a second presentation.

Peter’s son, Ned, a GDS Class of ’99 alum, has spent quite a bit of time as a videographer making documentaries, and is now working on an MPH at Emory.

Questions are welcome!  E-mail mweston@gds.org

21 Signs You’re A 21st Century Teacher

Check out 21 Signs You’re a 21st Century Teacher over at the  SimpleK-12 Tech blog.

Some of my favorites:

  • You give weekly class updates to parents…via your blog.
  • You realize the importance of professional development…and you read blogs, join online communities, and tweet for self-development.
  • You take your students on a field trip to the Great Wall of China…and never leave your classroom.

Read the whole post.

Blogging Resources from Discovery Education

This web workshop, Fear Factor: Taking the Fear Our of  Blogging, was conducted by Discovery Education on January 3, 2012. The site includes links to many, many resources on blogging — lots to help teachers get a sense of how to use a blog in the classroom.

Teacher’s Guide to YouTube in the Classroom

Want to learn a lot more about YouTube?  Need to become familiar with a few video classroom strategies to get started.  Check out the Teacher’s Guide to YouTube in the Classroom over at the Edudemic blog.

Lots of good ideas here, and not just on YouTube.  Check out some of the other posts on Google, Apple, teacher tools, iPads, ed tech, and more.