Tips to Improve Typing on an iPad

In you need to do serious typing with your iPad, check out these tips over at the OS-X Daily blog.  The March 31 post offers six ideas including using the split keyboard, learning how to dictate, or use bluetooth connections.

Recently I purchased the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit for $29.  These two little connectors allow an iPad user to connect a USB device or an SD card.

I can connect just about any keyboard, set up the iPad, on my desk or table, and write away.

Inquiry from a couple of my digitally native fifth graders…“Why do you need a keyboard?”


Article for Schools: Thinking About iPad One-to-One Programs

The Journal has just published an article, Launching an iPad 1-to-1 Program: A Primer  (and republished at the 21st Century Fluency Project).

The article, by Mitchell A. Salerno and Michael Vonhof, is a primer for schools that are considering adopting iPads in a one-to-one setting. Both authors have set up and run successful iPad programs.

Educational technology staff who are considering iPad programs will learn a lot by reading information about the following categories, though other area are also covered.

  • Leadership
  • Cost
  • Network function
  • Security
  • Inventory Management
  • Philosophical framework
  • Implementation schedules
  • Pedagogy

New Video – 55 Ways to Use and iPad in the Classroom

The Free Tech for Teacher blog has a post about Tom’s Barrett’s presentation on 55 ideas for using an iPad in the classroom. Barrett, is an educator blogger, with an interest in iPads. Many of the suggestions are for teachers of younger kids, but there are some, such as the tips on projecting an iPad, will be useful to for teachers of students in any grade.

Projecting Your iPad

The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog has discovered and posted a YouTube video that explains how to project an iPad. The video also has pictures of the required cables and explains some of the issues that require troubleshooting.

A big thanks to this blog for identifying a resource with useful tips that can help our teachers as they begin using iPads in the classroom.   uploaded the video to YouTube by  on May 4, 2011.

10 Great Ways to Get More From Your iPad

This terrific article in PCWorld has all kinds of information that can help a person do some powerful things with an iPad.

  • stream movies from your PC to the iPad
  • use it as a secondary monitor
  • connect USB speakers and keyboards
  • connect more than a camera

…and more.

Update on iPad Evaluation Process

iPad Evaluation Process Phase I Drawing to a Close

We are reaching the end of the individual faculty member iPad evaluation process. If you have not checked out an iPad for a two-week period, you are still welcome to do so, but we are rapidly moving into the phase II classroom/curricular evaluation process.

Do You Still Want to Try an iPad for a Couple of Weeks? Continue reading

Viewing a PowerPoint on the iPads with your Class

Suppose you have a terrific PowerPoint that you’ve usually shown to your class using the ceiling-mounted projector. The kids follow along and answer questions on a worksheet you’ve created to go with the lesson. This PowerPoint is very good, but it is also quite long and some of the information is rather complicated. This year you’d like to show the PowerPoint on a classroom set of iPads, so that each student (or pairs of students) can view the PowerPoint at his (or their) own pace. This turns out to be very easy to do using the Dropbox program on your computer. Here’s how–

1. Open your Dropbox folder on your computer and drag the PowerPoint in.

2. Move the PowerPoint into the Public folder inside the Dropbox folder.

3. Right-click (control-click with a Mac) on the PowerPoint file.

4. Select “Dropbox” “Copy Public Link” from the menu you opened in step 3.

5. Paste the link you just copied somewhere you can see it (in an email, Word doc, the Hopper.)

6. Share the link with your students and have them open it in Safari on the iPads. Continue reading