Making PDF Documents: Some Tips

In MS Word for Mac

  • Go to file/save as.
  • Click on the arrow to the right of format.
  • Choose PDF.
  • Save.

In MS Word on a PC

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Teacher’s Guide to YouTube in the Classroom

Want to learn a lot more about YouTube?  Need to become familiar with a few video classroom strategies to get started.  Check out the Teacher’s Guide to YouTube in the Classroom over at the Edudemic blog.

Lots of good ideas here, and not just on YouTube.  Check out some of the other posts on Google, Apple, teacher tools, iPads, ed tech, and more.

Finding that Perfect TED Talk!

The History Teacher’s Attic has set up a page to help educators search through a huge repository of TED Talks. History blogger, Jeff Mummert, has organized the TED talks by discipline.  This is a 2009 post, so I have not gone through it to see how much it has been updated.

In any event, an excellent resource!