Outline of Available iPad Learning Activities


Check out the Edudemic Post.

This image from Edudemic — Full Spectrum of iPad Learning Activities  illustrates how the capabilities of the iPad interact with high quality apps and enable students and educators to develop and engage with in-depth learning activities.

This graphic is the clearest image that I’ve ever seen — highlighting the adroitness of  iPad capabilities and depicting range of opportunities offered to resourceful teachers and learners. It’s a connected learning gem.

Read the full post or check out other great learning information at the Edudemic blog. Don’t be put off by the many lists and the lack – sometimes – of expository writing. The Edudemic blog posts contain a huge amount of valuable information, curated especially for digital learners.

NOTE: If you peruse past posts here on GDSTechTips, you’ll discover several other links to Edudemic, usually on topics that relate to an issue or topic that is under discussion here at school.  One to check out is a GDSTechTips post linking to an Edudemic piece that described some of the ways iPad capabilities can be wasted in schools.


More on Using iPads and Whiteboards

Check out this post at, How to Use Your iPad as a Whiteboard over at Edudemic. A bunch of new apps make the process easier and easier.

iPad Skills We All Need to Know (Kids and Teachers)

Check out 15 iPad Skills Every Teacher and Student Should Have posted over at the Educational and Mobile Learning Blog. Below I’ve listed five that I want to be sure my students master, but there are 10 more skills over at the blog site.

  1. Create a presentation.
  2. Create an e-book.
  3. Record audio clips.
  4. Take notes from an iPad and print or e-mail them.
  5. Make a podcast with VoiceThread.

Accompanying each of the skills are recommended apps that can help students (and teachers) learn how to do the various tasks.

Five Ways to Waste the Potential of iPads in Schools

edudemicCheck out this Edudemic blog post, 5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make with iPads (and How to Correct Them). The article focuses on how schools are using iPads, the common management errors that occur, and how to do better if iPads are to help teachers teach and develop their students into better 21st Century learners.

Here are the specific topics, but head on over to Edudemic to check out the details.

  1. Focusing on content apps
  2. Lack of teacher prep in management of classroom iPads
  3. Treating the iPad as a computer and expecting it to serve as a laptop
  4. Treating iPads as multi-user devices
  5. Failing to communicate compelling answers to the questions, “Why iPads?”

iPad Apps that Support 21st Century Learning

Do you wish you could visit one place to learn a lot about iPad apps?

Check out the cool post, 100 Top Educational iPad Apps Every Teacher and Student Should Know About, at the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog.

The post includes an awesome image (small copy at right) with live links to each of the apps. The image, designed by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, is a terrific aid for exploring apps. It’s organized by each type of 21st Century literacy including: Continue reading

Three IPad Apps for Serious Movie Making

Video literacy, including knowledge of movie making, is required for 21st Century learners be they students, teachers, or parents

The iPad video camera combined with the iMovie app or the program on a computer is one of the best ways to get started. Most of us will be completely satisfied with this setup. However, for those educators who have already figured out ways to use video and sometimes find themselves bumping up against the iPad’s video limits, other options are available.

If you  are one of those 21st Century educators who wants to do more, check out a great post about  more advanced iPad movie making apps over at Matthew Needleman’s Creating Lifelong Learners blog. The apps are somewhat expensive, $29.99 — a lot more than the 4.99 price for the iMovie app.  However, the three movie making apps reviewed  by Needleman after hands-on exploration time do much more than iMovie when it comes to pre-production, video editing, and even shooting the clips.

Check out the apps below by visiting Needleman’s blog post.

  • Artemis
  • Storyboard Composer
  • Movie*Slate

Gizmodo Explains How to Make an iPad Textbook in Under Five Minutes

The Gizmodo Blog shares lots of info about Apple’s new iPad Textbook Maker.

Read the article.