Copyright and Creative Commons Explained

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Intellectual property that is easily available in digital form confuses people.

If you wonder about copyright, fair use, and creative commons and struggle to understand how they define what digital resources can be used (and which ones can’t), check out the excellent post, Copyright & Creative Commons Explained by Common Craft over at the blog, Free Tech 4 Teachers.

The post also includes a video transcript.

You can also view this video right at the Common Craft site.


10 Educational Blogs Worth Following

Check out a few of the ten educational blogs reviewed at E-School News.

These blogs, and others like them provide teachers with professional development as surely as any workshop of conference. You may discover that at least a few are worth reading on a regular basis.

Most of these ten blogs are written by  seasoned writers who are also experienced educators. The MindShift blog is a part of public broadcasting’s KQED in San Francisco. Do remember, however, that this top-10 list is a sample — thousands of other well-written and topical blogs can help a teacher expand teaching and learning activities as well as learn more about 21st Century learning.

My current favorites from this list? Continue reading

Blogging Resources from Discovery Education

This web workshop, Fear Factor: Taking the Fear Our of  Blogging, was conducted by Discovery Education on January 3, 2012. The site includes links to many, many resources on blogging — lots to help teachers get a sense of how to use a blog in the classroom.

How to Make up for No Adobe Flash on Your iPad

The Wired Educator blog has published a list of iPad applications that will help users view Flash based content on their tablets. So far, here at GDS, we have used Cloud Browser, and it has worked with the apps that we wanted to use.

Take a look at the iPad/Flash enablers on the blog’s list if you need a Flash intermediary on your personal iPad. I’ve spoken with educators at other independent schools who have used the Puffin web browser which is cheaper than Cloud Browser and the blog WE blog has a link to a Puffin review.

However the Wired Educator post lists perhaps a dozen more Flash-friendly browsers for a user to explore. It looks like there are options.

Projecting Your iPad

The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog has discovered and posted a YouTube video that explains how to project an iPad. The video also has pictures of the required cables and explains some of the issues that require troubleshooting.

A big thanks to this blog for identifying a resource with useful tips that can help our teachers as they begin using iPads in the classroom.   uploaded the video to YouTube by  on May 4, 2011.

Check Out the iPad Apps in Education Blog

The iPad Apps in Education blog is a great discovery. On the first page at the top is a band with app recommendation links — divided by subject and other categories. The lists are comprehensive. Blogger Greg Swanson includes all sorts of information including reviews of iPad accessories.  He also has a post on video mirroring.

This is definitely a blog to watch as the school moves into a period of teaching and learning with iPads.

10 Great Ways to Get More From Your iPad

This terrific article in PCWorld has all kinds of information that can help a person do some powerful things with an iPad.

  • stream movies from your PC to the iPad
  • use it as a secondary monitor
  • connect USB speakers and keyboards
  • connect more than a camera

…and more.