Video Resources for All Sorts of Learners

Mention video and we all think about YouTube. But educators, students, and even their parents need to identify and access sites where they can find good video clips (sites with a bit more clip curation) as well as lots more information about using video effectively for teaching and learning.

Edudemic, a blog featuring all sorts of materials and learning tools that support educators and their digital-world students, published an August 10, 2012 post with links that its editors judge to be the 100 best video resource sites. Some links lead to video collections while others take users to information about incorporating videos in the classroom. Video tutorials abound. Still more links lead to sites with specific learning tools such as the MIT Open CoursewareClassroom 2.0GoogleTalks and TED talks.

Head on over to Edudemic to check out more than 90 other links.


Three IPad Apps for Serious Movie Making

Video literacy, including knowledge of movie making, is required for 21st Century learners be they students, teachers, or parents

The iPad video camera combined with the iMovie app or the program on a computer is one of the best ways to get started. Most of us will be completely satisfied with this setup. However, for those educators who have already figured out ways to use video and sometimes find themselves bumping up against the iPad’s video limits, other options are available.

If you  are one of those 21st Century educators who wants to do more, check out a great post about  more advanced iPad movie making apps over at Matthew Needleman’s Creating Lifelong Learners blog. The apps are somewhat expensive, $29.99 — a lot more than the 4.99 price for the iMovie app.  However, the three movie making apps reviewed  by Needleman after hands-on exploration time do much more than iMovie when it comes to pre-production, video editing, and even shooting the clips.

Check out the apps below by visiting Needleman’s blog post.

  • Artemis
  • Storyboard Composer
  • Movie*Slate