Most Popular ED Twitter Hashtags from the ISED/ISEN Communites

One of the best ways to peer into the world of Twitter is by searching on a variety of common terms or “hashtags.” Please click on the links below to see the latest tweets on these topics.

I duplicated this list from the  independent school ISEN (ISED) Ning connected community, which in turn borrowed it from a November Learning resources page (but the November page hashtags were not clickable). ISEN editors added links to the here.


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Teachers on Twitter: It’s About Professional Development

Image from Twitter

The Web 2.0 Classroom Blog,, features a good introductory post about Twitter and its professional development potential.

Teachers on Twitter: It’s All About the Hashtag introduces the social networking tool to educators and explains a bit about how to identify professional education resources. The post explains hashtags, how to use them to search for Twitter chats, and how to create a hashtag.

An earlier piece from the same blog provides a list of Twitter chat hashtags for educators, and I’ve listed a few of them below along with several of my favorites.  A more comprehensive list of educational chat hashtags is posted at Cybraryman’s site. Continue reading