46 Interesting Ways to Use Wordle in the Classroom

Check out some of these interesting ideas!

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Infographic About the Digital Divide — It’s Still Around

Check out this infographic — at the Mashable blog — that depicts significant and still relevant digital divide issues.

How I spent my two weeks with an iPad

Tomorrow we’re back to school, and I’ll have to return the iPad I borrowed over the break. It has been a fun two weeks and I’ll be sorry to give up the little monster, but not too sorry. I was determined not to spend any money on apps, books, or anything (since the iPad is going to be wiped clean upon return) so that limited what I could, but not a lot. I downloaded over 30 apps, mostly entertainment – games, newspapers, TV and movie sites, TED, and some free educational apps. I also got to play with the portfolio cases and covers that we’ll be putting on all the iPads after they return, and to check out an apple wireless keyboard (which I”m typing on now, and really like.)

Some early impressions: it is great having an iPad lying around for instant access to the internet and e-mail. I loved not having to boot up a computer, or wait for a computer, to look something up quickly – so when Allegra got pepper burns on New Years Eve from some habeneros, WebMD.com was there to help. When I wanted to look up a movie showtime, check an airline flight, see if Jeremy was right about genetics of domesticated animals or whatever, it was quick, easy, and convenient to grab the iPad. I can see this impacting classrooms in subtle ways, and certainly impacting lives of people who are used to always having an iPad-type device at their fingertips. The ability to download an app quickly is also compelling – even though over the break I read about several lawsuits involving apps that track users personal information, location, and browsing and send them along to businesses (It’s not as “free” as it seems.)

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