Getting Started with Media Lit in Your Classroom

Media Literacy guru, Frank Baker, published a thoughtful essay, Getting Started with Media Literacy: Easier Than You Think, at  the USA Today Teacher’s Lounge. This essay seeks to provide  some clarity for teachers who seek to address media literacy in the context of their courses.

Baker oversees the resource-rich Media Literacy Clearinghouse website, an excellent places for teachers, youth leaders, and parents to discover materials that address media issues and digital kids.

Best Quote

Media literacy is about critical thinking. It is also about understanding and appreciating the process and techniques used to create media messages.  Media literacy is also about recognizing that young people’s media/technology ( e.g. mobile phones, MP3 players, iPads) and youth culture (e.g. music, video, video games, films) are the hooks for both engagement and meeting those all important teaching standards.