Wide Ranging Google Drive Activities – Infographic

GoogleDoc Info Graphic smallerThis wonderful infographic depicts the wide range of 21st Century learning opportunities — activities that support collaboration — all possible when teachers use the various components of Google Drive with students — inside or outside of their classrooms.

What is cool about these activities is how they can be used in tandem with almost any academic subject.

The original info graphic has live links, however this image does not. Check out a more detailed explanation at the Teach Thought blog.

The infographic was designed with Glogster.


Most Popular ED Twitter Hashtags from the ISED/ISEN Communites

One of the best ways to peer into the world of Twitter is by searching on a variety of common terms or “hashtags.” Please click on the links below to see the latest tweets on these topics.

I duplicated this list from the  independent school ISEN (ISED) Ning connected community, which in turn borrowed it from a November Learning resources page (but the November page hashtags were not clickable). ISEN editors added links to the here.


General Education

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50 Ways Google Docs Helps Educators and Schools

The Google Docs collaboration features are a boon to 21st Century students and educators, and to anyone who needs to work with others to complete a task.

The process of brainstorming, sharing, and eventually developing stronger and more examined ideas is a primary focus of teaching and learning. Google Docs makes these collaboration tasks easy to do.

Just about everything we do these days is about connecting and developing personal learning networks.

In a recent speech given at the BigTent conference in The Hague, Hillary Clinton noted:

The Internet is not exhaustible. The more people who are on the Internet contributing ideas, the more valuable the Internet becomes to all the other users.

The Edudemic blog recently posted tips and ideas about using Google Docs in a school community. Some of these are common sense thoughts, but others are powerful suggestions that can help teachers use materials more effectively (and save lots of time).

Favorite Ideas

  • making PDF documents editable
  • sharing documents with people in any other location
  • collaborating with other editors, right down to assigning pen color
  • using Google Doc templates

GDS Summer 21st Century Skills–Professional Development

GDS 2012 Summer Professional Development

Summer Teacher Centered Workshop
Take Time to Develop a 21st Century Pedagogy
Collaborate! Connect! Inquire! Innovate!

Join your fellow Hoppers!

Two Sessions — You can participate in one or both.

  • June 18-21st (Monday – Thursday)    9:00 am-3:00pm (lunch provided)
  • August 13-16 th (Monday – Thursday)    9:00 am-3:00pm  (lunch provided)

Join with colleagues in inquiry-based, teacher driven professional development activities that focus on developing 21st Century classroom projects, incorporating new skills, and identifying fresh resources for you and your students.

Individualized sessions will help you determine what to learn, and we will help you do it. Plan new lessons or expand and re-engineer older activities.  Bring your ideas, challenges, successes and best practices to a fun, collaborative, and inspiring workshop.

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