Neat Google Searching Tips!

Learn more about Google search lesson plans here.

Every time we search on Google we get millions of hits.  Here are some tips that can streamline your results. Remember that most Google searches are not case sensitive. Give these a try.

  • Exclude a word.  For example:  grocery stores -Safeway
    No Safeway hits will be included in your results.
  • Search a specific country’s Google site. Sometimes it is good to search through Google links in a specific country rather than for world., — (notice there is no com, just “co” for country and the country two letter tag)
  • Connect an area code with a geographic area.
    Enter the area code in the search box and Google will give you links that tell you about the area code and where it is from.
  • Use the word define.                       
    Type    define:exceptional
  • Search for an exact phrase.  Use quotation marks to find everything with those words in the exact order.
    “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”
  • Discover the latest search trends. What people are searching for at any point in time … lists graphs and more.
  • Google can fill in the blank.  Use the * character.
    Matthew Mark Luke *  or Christopher Columbus discovered *
  • Google does weather.
    Type weather: boston

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  1. Great Tips Marti. I used this often so gracias amiga!

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