Read 20+ Tips From Effective Online Teachers – Edudemic

Check out this terrific post from Edudemic. It points out how good teachers will always be necessary, no matter where they teach, because they possess valuable skills that facilitate learning. Good teachers, however, know how to modify and adjust their skill sets, depending on the setting. Whether based in a classroom or at an online site a course needs to incorporate a variety of communication opportunities, make use of 20th Century learning tools, and ensure that teachers develop ways to help students learners active share their knowledge with one another.

The best ideas in this post include:

  • No matter where one chooses to teach, it’s important to remember to find ways for students to teach one another, in addition to the teacher teaching participants in the class.
  • Teaching is no longer strictly a day job. Today’s communication options require a teacher to communicate with students outside of the school day.
  • Good teaching requires student feedback, and effective teachers make sure to find ways for students to offer their thoughts on  the class and on the teacher’s work.
  • Online of off, an effective teachers still needs to get to know students and be aware of their individual needs.

Best Quotes

The fundamentals that define a great teacher don’t differ much whether classes are taught in the online setting or off, but there are certain things that need greater emphasis and gain greater importance when a teacher is working with students who aren’t in a traditional classroom setting.

Online learning may be remote, but it should not be solitary. (Teachers need to create community.)


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