GDS Summer 21st Century Skills–Professional Development

GDS 2012 Summer Professional Development

Summer Teacher Centered Workshop
Take Time to Develop a 21st Century Pedagogy
Collaborate! Connect! Inquire! Innovate!

Join your fellow Hoppers!

Two Sessions — You can participate in one or both.

  • June 18-21st (Monday – Thursday)    9:00 am-3:00pm (lunch provided)
  • August 13-16 th (Monday – Thursday)    9:00 am-3:00pm  (lunch provided)

Join with colleagues in inquiry-based, teacher driven professional development activities that focus on developing 21st Century classroom projects, incorporating new skills, and identifying fresh resources for you and your students.

Individualized sessions will help you determine what to learn, and we will help you do it. Plan new lessons or expand and re-engineer older activities.  Bring your ideas, challenges, successes and best practices to a fun, collaborative, and inspiring workshop.

Each day will include hands-on instruction and practice with GDS digital tools, including Google Apps, MyGDSClassroom, Promethean Boards, iPads, blogs, podcasts, video, interactive websites, databases, and collaboration software. We’ll have plenty of time to learn about, share, create, practice, and implement multimedia projects.

As Russell noted in his January 2012 State-of-the-School presentation, 21st Century life will require everyone — students and teachers — in a school community to do the following:

collaborate across differences build learning networks
innovate and create self advocate
take risks, tolerate failure, learn from failure think critically
communicate clearly and powerfully tackle complex problems
learn actively and resourcefully engage as just, moral, and ethical citizens

Are your students developing these skills? Are you?
Join us for time to engage, learn, problem solve, and have lots of fun!
Questions? Ask David, Bruce, Laura, Marti or Holly


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  1. […] first few days of my summer school class. I also want to learn more about the things I learned in TeacherTech last week. I want to play with DiscoveryEd and Diigo. I want to set up my own YouTube channel. I […]

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