Making PDF Documents: Some Tips

In MS Word for Mac

  • Go to file/save as.
  • Click on the arrow to the right of format.
  • Choose PDF.
  • Save.

In MS Word on a PC

  • Go go file/save as.
  • Mouse down the window that opens on the right.
  • Choose PDF or XPS (don’t worry about XPS).
  • Save

What is a PDF???

  •   PDF stands for portable document format.
  •  If you save as a PDF, just about any computer anywhere can open your document — it’s a universal format.
  •  When you send a PDF, it’s impossible to make changes — which a lot of people like when they are sending around a document. However, this means that if you open it you can not make changes either. So you may want to first save as a regular MS Word document so you can edit later on.

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