IPad Apps for Lower School

In the February 6, 2011 of KidsPost, ten kid-friendly iPad apps were reviewed. That article inspired me to review for you the apps for lower school teachers. Check-out an iPad and let me know what you think.

Sight Words – Pre First – Third

The levels are Pre-Primer to Third Grade along with a section on nouns. Students can select to either read or spell the words. If they read the word, they can touch the check mark to hear the word for self-checking. To spell the word, the child hears  the word and then uses a colorful keypad to spell the word.  They can go back and hear the word if not sure. As they spell the word, they hear they letter that was typed.  If the word is spelled correctly the word does a little dance.

Rock Math-All Grades

This app had too many components for entertainment in my view. You have to choose a rocket before the directions are given for the game. Once you click on the main menu you have to choose play the game, choose a rocket and then the directions appear. You have your choice of the four operations and the level of problems from easy to hard.  For each problem  correctly solved a dollar amount is given.  The more correct problems, the more money you have to buy parts for your rocket. If you can’t mentally solve the problem, the scratch pad can be used.  The problem appears on the screen, choose red, blue, or green as your color, and your finger is your pen.

US  States – All Grades

This is a cool way for students to learn state shapes and state capitals.  There is a memory match state capitols game, information about each a that takes you to a capital website, a pop quiz, and a spell and learn game.  One tip;once you are in the memory game you have to finish.  You can’t go back to the main menu.

Sentence Builder First-Third Grade

Students are given a picture and they have to form a sentence describing the picture. They select from several beginning, middle, and ends to create the best sentence.  If correct the sentence is read to you with fun animation.

Math Circus Multiplication  Third-Fifth

This is a fun way for visual and auditory learners to understand and practice multiplication facts. Students choose the multiplication fact and their area of focus: what is multiplication, properties, review of ten, strategy practice, and multiplication check. There is a video for each area.

Math Tour

I enjoyed this app because you travel around the world and learn about different cities as you mentally solve problems.  There world map with a city identified and you read information about the location. Next there is a 3×3 grid. As you correctly answer each of the nine problems, a tile is turned to reveal part of a picture.  Once all nine tiles are turned over a picture of a famous location in the city marked on the map is revealed.


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