Viewing a PowerPoint on the iPads with your Class

Suppose you have a terrific PowerPoint that you’ve usually shown to your class using the ceiling-mounted projector. The kids follow along and answer questions on a worksheet you’ve created to go with the lesson. This PowerPoint is very good, but it is also quite long and some of the information is rather complicated. This year you’d like to show the PowerPoint on a classroom set of iPads, so that each student (or pairs of students) can view the PowerPoint at his (or their) own pace. This turns out to be very easy to do using the Dropbox program on your computer. Here’s how–

1. Open your Dropbox folder on your computer and drag the PowerPoint in.

2. Move the PowerPoint into the Public folder inside the Dropbox folder.

3. Right-click (control-click with a Mac) on the PowerPoint file.

4. Select “Dropbox” “Copy Public Link” from the menu you opened in step 3.

5. Paste the link you just copied somewhere you can see it (in an email, Word doc, the Hopper.)

6. Share the link with your students and have them open it in Safari on the iPads.

Here is a link to a sample PowerPoint in my Dropbox for you to open on an iPad:

This file-sharing technique will work with most common file types, not just PowerPoint.

By the way, if you haven’t installed Dropbox on your computer, you really should. Two gigs of free web-accessible file storage and sharing space. Go to for more info.

Also, you may want to read about the Dropbox App, which I blogged about in a comment to the Review iPad Apps Here Using a Comment post of January 4.


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