App Reviews

Found this organizational tool — Course Notes — an app that helps students write, organize, print, and share notes from their classes. Looks interesting for late middle school or high school students. It costs $4.99. I have not downloaded it yet.

2 Responses

  1. I love the iPad! It is so user friendly and easy to sync to your iTunes account! There are millions of Apps. You could spend an entire day searching for them. I have loved exploring with Google Earth! You can choose anyplace in the world and it will quickly zoom into that place. I always go to my favorite place in Maine (Five Islands) to remind me that I will be back soon! I also love the creative Apps. like photo cards which lets you insert a photo that you have stored and create your own card. Also, Seurat is also a fun App. You just click on a photo from your library can turn it into a Seurat like painting! Another cool free App. is draw free. It is basically a blank page that lets you create your own artwork using different tools and colors. An iPad would definitely be a cool tool to have in the art room. I would love to let the kids explore on it and also teach me what they know and what cool Apps. they have discovered! I LOVE THE iPAD!

  2. I found a free app called Dragon Dictation which always you to speak into the iPad mic and have an instant dictation. It isn’t perfect but I could see it being a useful app for students.

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