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I just downloaded the iBooks application and upon first use am very impressed!  Having never read an ebook before, I can’t compare this to a Kindle, Nook, or any other eBook device, so this may just be general thoughts of reading an eBook (not specific to the iBooks app).  Winnie the Pooh was a free download and it looks amazing–colorful illustrations and very clear text.  You can change the brightness of the page and font and size of text very easily, and you even get to do the “turn the page” motion when moving on to the next page.  You can scroll through a book quickly by using the table of contents or by scanning on the bottom bar (kind of like a movie).

Some great features that you can’t do in a regular book are highlighting a word and then finding the definition (instant gratification!) as well as the search feature where you can look for key words in the book.  I would think that could come in very handy, especially for a research paper.  You can also highlight and bookmark sections of the book, and the app will keep track of it for you.  I did find it was a little hard to highlight words, but probably just takes some getting used to.

I would think my students would love reading a book on this!  It would be hard for them to use the more advanced features of it but I’m sure older kids would take advantage of it.  For the younger kids, I will say I think picture books will look quite striking on it.


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  1. I also downloaded the iBooks app and was equally impressed. I agree that highlighting/isolating words may be useful to beginning readers, and that the appearance of picture books would be intriguing to students who have already experienced actual books. I also downloaded and played Sudoku. It is set up to give instant feedback as to whether numbers are correctly placed in boxes, and thus guides the user to successful completion of the puzzles. One drawback is that the “buttons” on the pad (e.g. “clear,” “help,” “menu,” etc.) are sensitive to touch, and I inadvertently pressed one of them causing the whole puzzle to be reset in the middle of doing the puzzle. That could be frustrating, but I didn’t experiment to see if perhaps the “buttons” could be moved to another part of the screen, out of the way.

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