Welcome to the GDS Technology Tips Blog!

Hello GDS Colleagues and welcome to our new educational technology blog. Our goal is to ensure that important links and technology tutorials are as close as your computer and smartphone — easy to access no matter where you happen to be when you need assistance.

We have set up a few categories to get us started — e-mail, Promethean boards, iPads, FAWeb, and a few others, though we expect the topics and content to expand quickly.

A blog is dynamic — always a work in progress –so we will continue to add content, links, documents, and pictures as well as welcome your content ideas and suggestions.

Comments are welcome (Check our comment guidelines if you have any questions). We can also post links, pictures, documents and even other blogs. To learn more you may enjoy reading What Exactly is a Blog, Anyway? at the PBS LearningNow site.

If you  need information on a particular topic, GDS Tech Tips will be easy to search. Each time we post information we will attach tags — words to help users search, as well as general categories so GDS readers. The search box is prominently featured at the top right.


One Response

  1. Just opened up my GDS I-pad and plugged it into my PC computer at home… had to upgrade I-tunes before I could access the I-pad. Once the upgrade was complete, the I-pad showed up in I-tunes and I was able to name the I-pad and things got rolling.

    The I-pad found my wireless connection and was on-line immediately. Going to the I-pad app store, I had to confirm my I-tunes account (which required me to remember a password from over a year ago!) and II was able to download 20 free apps in about 5 minutes. Been playing happily ever since.

    Love the Molecules, Stars, and Piano app… first three I tried.

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